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Kung Fu | Black Lotus Kung Fu Studio - Widefield, CO

Whether you want to make those Bruce Lee dreams a reality, or you are just seeing what kung fu can offer to you, the Black Lotus Kung Fu Studio is here with everything you need to start down a path to a more realized self.

Our curriculum is based on a variety of Shao-Lin techniques designed to grow both your physical skills and your spiritual acuteness. These techniques include the five animals, praying mantis, long-fist, wing chun exercises, chin-na, and weapons training.

Sifu Jeff Crenshaw, our head instructor and founder, believes strongly in the virtues that kung fu can teach people. He founded the Black Lotus Kung Fu Studio based on the concept that traditional Chinese martial arts can fit into modern society and help a generation of people who may seem lost or listless. Crenshaw thinks that kung fu can teach people how to find themselves and help them better face the challenges of life.

Maybe you’re just looking for a new physical activity or hobby, but traditional sports don’t interest you. Kung fu is a great alternative that can provide fantastic exercise, a fun group endeavor, and the opportunity to forge a new skill, all in an innovative and fun atmosphere.

You can join with friends or come alone. Either way, you will have a great time and improve yourself both inside and out. Give us a call today and start walking your path towards martial arts mastery.